Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Hill is En Vogue

Tonight, I went to see "Off the Record VII: Blogged to Death" at the Byham Theater and found it to be rather funny. They parodied the bus transit situation, the smoking ban, Joe Hardy's marriage/s, Dan and Luke, Art Rooney (Steelers), Don Barden (Majestic Star Casino) and Bob Nutting (Pirates). And, although I hear the actor who played Don Barden is in this show every year, I find it amazing how much he resembled Barden. Plus, they did him justice in the writing:

Up yours! That's the new North Shore!

I really appreciate the lack of racism, folks. It's so refreshing, especially in Pittsburgh. I also enjoyed the satirical take on appealing to Dan Onorato on behalf of the Hill District community. I think, perhaps, I enjoyed it so much because, well, I had already done this near-exact act in my own show, "Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail, a spoken word, musical comedy (unfortunately) based on a true story". I read in the program that none other than the P-G's Casino Journalist, Bill Toland, was a lyricist for this show; and I like his writing but he and P-G Theater Critic and OTR Producer, Chris Rawson, owe me royalties, big time.


Because Rawson reviewed my show and said:

In the play, Dr. Goddess is an incarnation of the Hill -- imposing, angry, funny and smart . . . . Some [skits] have the bite of George Wolfe's famous satire, "Colored Museum." I loved the "Evita" and "Dreamgirls" parodies.

In "Off the Record VII", the Hill was a Black woman named "Shaniqua" who was, you guessed it, 'an incarnation of the Hill --- imposing, angry, funny and smart', who engaged in a "Dreamgirls" parody---singing the exact, same song. Now, I don't know if Toland witnessed 'Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail' but he wrote about me and my work for a while and I'm 99.9% certain that he read Rawson's review, don'tcha think? In the Hip Hop world, that's called "bitin'". And together, I suppose, we owe the creator of "Dreamgirls". But, my show is still touring and I'm glad that this one was 'one night only'. Otherwise, it would be extremely unfair to me and my work, thankyouverymuch.

Still, the actress/singer did a fine job as both Jennifers (Hudson and Holiday) and Toland's lyrics were both hilarious and meaningful---just like in my show. By the way, Bill, I missed you last night. It would have been nice to (finally) meet you. Great seeing you, Chris and thanks again! Overall, I enjoyed the entire production. See you all next year!

On another note:

My first response to Republican Mayoral Candidate, Mark DeSantis' publicity stunt in the Hill District is, "oh, please" but why shouldn't he join in on the "The Hill is En Vogue!" routine right about now. Everybody has leapt to their feet to "assist" in the Hill's notoriety but don't be surprised when we question your timing. Where were you last year, Mark? Where were you even six months ago? Heck, where were you last week? What you can do for us, Mark, is get your fellow Republican Presidential Candidates to be respectful enough to appear at the RPC forum in Baltimore with Tavis Smiley.

That way, you can truly be ahead of the curve instead of scrambling to catch up on the fashion trend.

Speaking of, that forum occurred last night but you all get my point.


Schultz said...

Hi. Have you met Mark DeSantis yet? Have you talked to anyone in the Hill District who has met Mark at either of his last two apperances in the hill? Please do not be so quick to write him off as "another politician" or a typical Republican. Mark really does care about helping people from all backgrounds.

Did you read all of his economic development plan? When was the last time a political figure here in Pittsburgh proposed a plan to encourage and support minority entrepreneurship???

As for his involvement - Mark has been involved in numerous community groups and non-profits such as family links. He's on the board for a number of other nonprofits and private businesses. He also teaches at CMU's Heinz school - and continues to do so throughout his campaign. This is a guy who is dedicated to helping people. He's not a typical politician with an empty resume - Mark makes things happen and I encourage you to find out for yourself.

A "Democrat for DeSantis"

Dr. Goddess said...

Hi Chris,

You're my inaugural comment---thanks!

No, I've not met Mark, talked to folks who met him in the Hill nor have I been to any of his previous presentations. You say he's a good guy, deserves the benefit of the doubt, has a good track record and serves the community? Therefore, I should trust him to be the Mayor because of this? Alright, I'll give him a chance to rise above the heinous reputation of the Republican Party. He has alot of work to do, so we'll see.

Bram Reichbaum said...

You shouldn't give him benefit of doubt at all! But you should give him benefit of actively exploring some of his ideas.

He has like six plans for things - development, crime, ethics, finances, and "transparency," I think.

One thing I can say about every one of his plans is that they are composed of actual propositions.

Not like, "We have been and will continue to be holding meetings and exploring ways to pursue all these issues."

Schultz said...

You're welcome!

I am not asking you to trust him just because I say he's the best guy for the job, but I want you to learn more and even meet him before you rush to judgement. It sounds like you think he's a typical Republican hack just going to the Hill for the photo ops. This couldnt' be further from the truth. Mark is not one to just talk the talk - he's about action and making things happen.

Until you meet Mark here is a link to some video clips of his speeches and interviews.

Also, check out my Democrats for DeSantis blog which I started back in early July. I wouldn't back a Republican unless I was sure he was the best candidate for mayor.

Thanks for keeping an open mind!


Dr. Goddess said...

Okay, on account of your and Bram's testimony (he's following me), gimme some links. Chris, you forgot them in your post. Please forgive me if I don't leap directly into the DeSantis campaign, either. We've got a lot of work over here and my focus has to remain on David, Dan and Luke at the moment. LOL. More on that later.

Schultz said...

Check out this website for a collection of Mark DeSantis's interviews and speeches.

Here is my Dems for DeSantis blog

EdHeath said...

The primary DeSantis campaign link is "". The link to the economic plan is "". There is a Trib story on DeSantis's background at "". As of yet there are no DeSantis PDF's of reports or documents or numbers on his website. On the other hand, compare and contrast with the Mayor's website, the insulting named "" (insulting because I dislike being forced to be on a first name basis with the Mayor). The Mayor's website also has no pdf's, relying instead entirely on video's for content on the Mayor's positions. Also, it have not been updated on local news since January 30, 2007 and the calendar section still says May 15th is fast approaching.