Sunday, February 17, 2008

August Wilson Historic Designation


We've been very busy over here in the Historic Hill District.

And speaking of history, today at 1:00pm, City County Building, Downtown Pittsburgh

YOU can weigh in on what I wrote in my Revelations Column:

1. The Historic designation of August Wilson's birth home by City Council

2. The legislation offered by Rev. Ricky Burgess to correct the shadiness caused by a legislator/council member seeking to stop AW's historic designation.

3. The call for a full investigation on who and/or what pulled the legislation of the AW historic home designation and sought to pocket veto (bury it), thereby not allowing the home to come up for designation for five more years.

It's a shame. But we want to Hold Them To It!

If you can't make it, PLEASE CALL or EMAIL the City Clerk and register your thoughts:

Contact Info: City Clerk's Office
510 City - County Building
414 Grant St.Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 255-2138

In addition, August Wilson's "Radio Golf" will finally be staged at the Public Theater, October 2 - November 2, 2008. Save the Dates!

By the way, I'd like for you to read what Pittsburghers have been talking about relative to the Hill, the AW home, etc. Let's start with my column:

Dr. Judy says: What an on the spot article. Last year I noticed an official Pittsburgh Website that listed all the famous people and under authors John Wideman was not listed. I emailed them to chide them and never received an email back. We need to celebrate all of our geniuses.

TKO says: Dr. Goddess is being coy, what she and her brother really want (as usual) is $$$$. There is already a nice monument to August Wilson downtown.

(Would someone mind sharing with TKO why preserving August Wilson's home might be remotely important; and would someone also share why having a center named for Wilson downtown is an honor but not quite the same as renovating his childhood home? Sheesh . . .)

And be sure to Read the Racism on Craig's List!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes, We Can

There's alot going on these days. And often times I'm too busy to blog.

But I find that most of what I care about at this time are the girls in my show, the students in my classes, continuing to share August Wilson with the world, reaffirming the dignity and humanity of the people in my neighborhood---the Historic Hill District, re-electing State Representative Jake Wheatley, Jr., and, oh yes, making Barack Obama the President of the United States of (North) America.

The slogan for my One Woman Show has been "Meet Dr. Goddess. Become a Believer" since the beginning (2004) because everybody has to believe in something, someone, someplace, some entity that gives our lives meaning.

Today, I believe in eight girls, in particular.
Today, I believe in my students.
Today, I believe in August Wilson's gift to the world.
Today, I believe in my neighborhood, the Historic Hill District.
Today, I believe in Jake Wheatley, Jr.
Today, I believe in Barack Obama.
Today, I believe in Michelle Obama.
Today, I believe in something, someone, someplace and some entity.

And today, I believe that I can make a difference.

And that you can too---if you believe.

Yes, we can.