Monday, October 22, 2007

The Last Lecture

Professor Randy Pausch will be on Oprah today. When I was in college, I would often attend the "Last Lecture series", because it was designed to have professors share their insights with audience members, as if it were their "last lecture". I was watching the news one day when the local news channel actually offered something inspiring---live web feed of Randy Pausch's last lecture---literally---as he is dying of pancreatic cancer. If you watch it, you will have joined millions of others who've downloaded it. I am inspired but also saddened by his situation and that of his family. And, unfortunately, I can relate all too well to it. My uncle died of liver cancer and, in the end, refused any rigorous treatment to try to extend his life. Although I was devastated, I know it would have been selfish to have him extend his life, only to be sickly and miserable and not really LIVE. So, I learned something about courage and reading Dr. Pausch's cancer diary has helped, in many ways.

May you live and rest in harmony and peace, Dr. Pausch. You touched my life and I never got a chance to know you.

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