Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Barack the Vote

See, what people need to understand is that we need fresh blood in the White House, Obama has a long history of grassroots organizing, leadership and service and Michelle Obama will be the best first lady ever!

I took a blind voter's poll solely based on the issues I believe in and, as it turns out, Barack Obama and John Edwards are my top two candidates. I am also more than mindful that Barack announced his candidacy and began his campaign in 'post-Katrina' and 'Hurricane Bush' New Orleans.

Merry Christmas and Barack the Vote!


Anonymous said...

Actually, it was John Edwards who announced his candidacy from the 9th ward of New Orleans.

Bram Reichbaum said...

I certainly don't want Hillary Clinton to run away with the spoon in Iowa and New Hampshire. Although she'd make a fine president, we need a longer conversation. So for the moment, go Obama!

For your consideration:

Dr. Goddess said...

John Edwards in New Orleans? Great! See what I mean? Viva the blind survey!

I think Hilary would be 'alright' but she does have a lot of baggage and I, too, am wary of the Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton scenario.