Saturday, March 8, 2008

Goodbai, Pittsburgh!

So, I'm on my way to Dubai. See ya in a few. I'll try to blog or something while I'm gone.
For the dude who wrote all of those anonymous responses to my post: You're welcome to post here and I probably won't censor you; but don't be comin' up in my blog cursing everybody out. In fact, don't curse at all or I will reject your postings from now on. And, don't try to spam the blog to make yourself sound like you're more than one person. I let all of your posts go through this time. Next time, they won't. For the record, no matter what you think of anyone else, I would vote for Carl Redwood for City Council as well, especially over Tonya Payne.

Now, Goodbai!

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Take me with you! said...

You are insane for that title! LOL