Thursday, April 3, 2008

Haikus for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

Oh yes, yet another corrective video of the "God-damned America Speech" for you to watch from the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. I must say, as an Historian, his facts were correct and he was en pointe. Go 'head Rev!

And this is great because just the other day, I published the haikus I wrote for Hillary and Barack.

Here are some of the crowd favorites:

Hillary Clinton
Reverend Jeremiah
Is all Wright with me

Hillary Clinton
We know you're qualified
It's just . . . you're too sly

Hillary Clinton
Michelle is a woman, too
Welcome, First Lady!

Hillary Clinton
Where were you the day Bill dissed
Our Sister Souljah?

Hillary Clinton,
My daughter asks that I vote
Barack Obama

Barack Obama
For once, in this here lifetime
I vote my full heart

Barack Obama
Whether you heard it or not
Reverend was Wright

Barack Obama
The audacity to hope
is borne of the slave

Barack Obama
Remember, your hopefulness
Came from Black Mammy

Barack Obama
The movement for human rights
is far from over

Barack Obama
We dressed up as African
to get served, back then

Barack Obama
America's hopefulness
is all She has left

Barack Obama
We want Michelle, Our Sweet Belle
as the First Lady

Barack Obama
The Hip Hop Generation
Is Standing Up Now!

Okay, people, write your own Haikus.
It's a japanese style of poetry

Five syllables the first line
Seven syllables the second
Back to five syllables for the third.

Write your own and send them back to Dr. Goddess!


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