Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Thoughts Exactly! Barack the Vote!

Once again, Barack Obama shows he's the better man for the job with clear thinking, proper analysis and more conviction. Bush is a liar, a joke, a national shame and an international disgrace. I felt icky just watching him stumble through his speech tonight and it's just said because the American people deserve better leadership. Do what's right. Barack the vote!

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Bram Reichbaum said...

Such huge ears. All the better to listen with...

This little address from Obama was typically very well argued and very well delivered. I was a little alarmed for a time at how he repudiated the entirety of Iraq as a cruel mistake -- as President of the United States, he needs to find a more philosophical and nuanced way to frame the errors this nation, in its entirety, has made. That is, if he wants to continue doing the Obama Thing, which I believe he does.

I hope to think of this as the last speech he will have to make as a Democratic candidate for the nomination, and a bounce-point for his reapproach as the Democratic nominee for President.

(Pundits, whom he has also assailed, are already sheepingly pleading with their audiences "We are human! If you cut us, we bleed!" I have to imagine honorable lobbyists feel the same way.)