Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vote for Me!

In my best "me and my girlfriend" Jay-Z & Beyonce impersonation:

Vote for me...
Dr. G, cruisin' down the West Side
highway . . .
Doin' things I like to do
my way . . .

All I need in this life of sin
is me and my girlfriends (plus my boyfriend)
down to ride 'til the very end
it's me and my girlfriends (plus my boyfriend)

So, I secured enough nominations and now I need votes for:

Mover and Shaker of the Year
Best Writer / Journalist of the Year
Poet of the Year

Click here to vote in Pittsburgh's Hip Hop Awards.
I'd appreciate your support.

Why Mover and Shaker?
Raise Your Hand! No Casino on the Hill Campaign, Raise Your Hand! No Games Movement & Film Series, Full Reinvestment / Community Benefits for the Hill, Highlighting Gentrification in East Liberty, Women's Equal Pay Rally, Codepink Anti-War Rally, Save Schenley, etc.

Why Writer/Journalist?
New Pittsburgh Courier Guest Columnist, Letters to the Editor on Gaming, Proper Leadership, putting Isle of Capri, Penguins, "Pittsburgh First", Rev. Simms and Rep. Payne on blast, "Revelations by Dr. Goddess" columnist, Pittsburgh City Paper, sharing info during appearances on KDKA, WTAE, WPXI, WKQV News Radio, Rustbelt Radio and frequently on Ebony Spectrum, 88.3FM w/ Rick Adams and Kevin Amos, etc.

Why Poet?
Dr. Goddess!: A One Woman Show & Dr. Goddess Goes to Jail, spoken word, musical comedies, 1st place winner of Mic Melter's series, guest poet at Glaxo Smith Klein, Poet Instructor @ Hill House Summer Camp, Three Rivers Arts Festival sold out performances, First Voices Int'l Black Arts Festival, etc., a part of the Best of Rustbelt Radio Fall of 2007 for "Power Concedes Nothing: We Demand" at the "Day of Peace, Coalition Against Violence" by Black Political Empowerment Project (B-PEP) and One Hood.


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